Photographers spend a lot of time in front of a camera. So much so that it can be easy to forget that, as with any career, appearance matters. Let’s face it: Your outfit and your hair have the power to make or break your day. But what does a photographer wear to a wedding? The answer isn’t as simple as you might think, because there are many different kinds of weddings these days!

Many photographers find themselves attending everything from casual backyard parties to black-tie galas these days… So how do you dress appropriately without making the whole thing feel like a costume party? Whether you’re planning on shooting weddings one day or just wanna look good at them – this ultimate guide will help you develop an eye for what looks best on you, discover new styles and trends, and ultimately give you more confidence in your future photos.


Learn to Dress for the Job You Want

When it comes to clothing and photography, you should always keep in mind that you are marketing yourself. When you attend a wedding in a shabby old T-shirt and torn jeans, you don’t look the part. You don’t look like a professional, and you don’t look like someone who should be shooting someone’s wedding photos. The good news is that dressing appropriately for the job you want is easier than you think. If you’re still not sure what to wear to a wedding, remember this: It’s all about versatility. If you have a few staple items in your wardrobe that you can easily pair with different outfits, you’ll always have something appropriate to wear for any occasion.


What Does a Wedding Photographer Wear?

Let’s start with what not to wear on the job: Avoid anything that’s too casual, too flashy, too short, or too revealing. As a photographer, you’ll be spending most of your time on your feet and bending over, so think about durability when you’re deciding on fabrics and materials. That being said, your outfit should also look sharp and polished. There aren’t hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding photographer attire – but there are a few general guidelines that most professionals follow:

– Suits: Most wedding photographers typically wear dark-colored suits – navy, black, or grey are the most common suit colors for weddings. Dark suits will make you less noticeable in low-light settings, and they’re appropriate for almost any wedding setting.

– Blazers: Blazers are the best option for photographers shooting in the spring or fall. They add a bit of warmth, but they’re not too heavy.

– Dress shirts: Dark-colored dress shirts are the most common choice for wedding photos. Avoid overly flashy fabrics like neon colors and sequins.

– Shoes: Wear black or brown shoes with your suit. Avoid heels and open-toe styles; they’re not very practical when you’re walking all day.

– Accessories: Photographers typically don’t wear neckties – they’re too distracting when you’re shooting. Instead, they wear small, unobtrusive accessories like subtle watches, cuff links, and stud earrings.


Just Because It’s a Wedding Doesn’t Mean You Have to Wear White

While white is considered classic and formal, it’s not the only option available to you if you’re shooting a wedding. In fact, most couples these days prefer a photographer who wears black or grey! White can look a little too formal for a casual backyard party, and it can also sometimes make you look washed out in photos, especially if you’re photographing indoors. Black, on the other hand, is the most universally flattering colour for photography, and it lets you blend into the background and capture all the best moments without being obtrusive. If you’re at a more formal wedding, you can still wear black, but you can also consider wearing grey, navy, or even brown/tan.


Dressing for Formal Events

The key to dressing appropriately for a formal event is to look classic, understated, and timeless. If you’re attending a formal event – whether it’s a wedding or not – you want to be sure you’re not drawing too much attention to yourself. You want your outfit to seem effortless, unfussy, and as though it came out of a catalogue. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and Calvin Klein are known for classic styles that never go out of style. If you’re not sure what to wear to a formal event, start by taking a look at the invitation and paying attention to the wedding theme. If you’re still stuck, try browsing through classic brands’ online catalogues for inspiration.


Dressing for Casual Weddings

As with formal events, the key to dressing appropriately for a casual wedding is to look timeless and understated. You don’t want to wear something that’s trendy or too young for the couple’s age (unless they specifically ask you to). You also don’t want to wear something that’s so classic that it looks boring and matronly. Cuff links and ties are out – opt for casual but still timeless alternatives like classic slip-ons, short-sleeved tees, and small earrings.


Where to Shop for Your Wedding Day Look

If you do any online shopping, you’ve probably noticed that there are two very distinct types of retailers: those geared toward casual clothing and those geared toward formal wear. If you’re shopping for an event like a wedding, you’ll probably want to shop at both! There are a few good places to start.

– Department Stores: Most larger-scale department stores like Kohl’s and Macy’s have both casual and formal sections in their stores. Small-scale department stores and boutiques may only have formalwear sections, though.

– Online Outlet Stores: Online outlet stores like eBay and Amazon often have great deals on formalwear that’s only being phased out because of design updates.

– Popular Brands: If you know the bride or groom, you can always ask them what brands they prefer. Selecting formalwear from a popular brand is like playing it safe in the clothing game.

Wedding photography is a creative art form, and wedding attire is an extension of that creativity. You have the opportunity to express yourself through your clothing, but you have to do it tastefully. You have to choose pieces that fit your style and your personality, but you have to do it in a way that’s appropriate for a wedding setting. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. But if you keep these tips in mind, you can make your wedding attire selections with confidence and ease.