How To Design Websites in 2018

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Website design is a skill that many web designers and web developers have honed over the years. So, you’ll find websites that are attractive and can generate income. Whether your website is all about great backpacks for Disney or unique cuisine in Orlando, you can now incorporate web design tricks that will maximize your website. With the help of an expert in web design, you can have a website that will incorporate every web design trick from making sure you reach mobile users to finding target customers and turning leads into sales. However, through the materials posted on different websites, it’s easier to create your own website. If you’re trying to do the DIY route, here are some tips you must remember:

Know Your Audience

Before you create a website, you must understand your audience — whether readers, listeners or clients. Understanding them allows you to create a website the suits them.

For example, you’re planning to create a website for seniors, you must ensure that the navigation page of the website is accessible. It will be hard for them if the navigation is slow or they need to open many pages before they can see the answer to their questions.

On the other hand, if you’re creating a website for professionals, you must ensure that the color is not flashy as they may leave the page right away.


Responsive Website

If you’re creating a website, ensure that it can be viewable on a mobile device. This type of web design is called responsive website. Through the responsive website, your audience can view the content with ease to any devices your audience wants to use. They do not need to zoom a certain content to read. A responsive website is a readable website.



You must implement search engine optimization or SEO on your website. It’s one of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your website. All you need to do is to include keywords in your articles, content or blogs. For instance, if your website lists awesome podcasts about Disney World, you can add the keyword “find one of the best Disney podcasts here on several of your content.The keywords must be the commonly used keywords of your audience. In this way, your website will be searchable.



When you create a website, ensure to promote it through effective marketing. It’s not enough that you provide the features of the products. You must also ensure that you provide the benefits of the products to your client. If you’re providing information, ensure to emphasize the importance of the content in your website.


You can also put an additional page where you can invite your audience to click it. It can be a SALE tab or a pop-up add that gives discounts and freebies to your audience. You don’t need to be a seller of a product to do it. You can do it even you’re only providing a blog to your reader. You can give a free gift certificate to a coffee shop – a place where readers want to stay.


Don’t forget the special occasions or holidays, promotions are effective in encouraging your potential clients to buy the product.  


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