How to Design a Great Website in 2017

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One of my struggles when I was just starting as an entrepreneur was trying to sell my products effectively on the web by trying to cram all the essential details on my website while keeping things interesting. If you want to stand out in the digital market, your website should be catchy plus informative and I tell you, balancing between the two is not as easy as it seems. Good thing there are services like Tampa SEO Company Web Design that helps newbie entrepreneurs setup top-notch websites with custom logo design and Search Engine Optimization in mind.

With the rapid success of online commerce I cannot stress enough just how important it is to have a great company website if you want to succeed. It’s imperative. But don’t worry! With this guide on How to Design a Great Website in 2017, you’ll be able to create a standout website that optimizes the latest fads and trends on the world of web design.


Effectively Convey your Content

Let’s assume that you’ve already set up your website but you’ve noticed people aren’t buying any of your stuff at all. Then the reason may be that site visitors have no idea what your website is all about.

Though it’s true that a catchy and interesting company web design is important if you want to stand out, you should realize that what turns website visitors to actual clients is your content or how you effectively managed to convey your message. You don’t want to realize later on that the only thing people managed to remember from your website is that fancy glittery graphic you tried to incorporate in order to be notable. Having a great website means that you have successfully sold your content and made people consider. When visitors open your website, the first thing that should glean is what your company’s about and what your services are. Be clear about your content and make it stand out.


Embellish Your Website

After you’ve successfully managed to convey your content, you can start embellishing your website – properly. This part of website creation is the most fun as it gives your website its own identity. A lot of themes are available on the web and you may find yourself thinking that you don’t want to use any of those premade themes and you want be different. This is where custom logo design comes in. To make your website truly unique a customized logo should be evident.

You can also employ the various fads that have been popular and customize them to make a strong web presence. The 2017 company web design trends includes the use of large typography, videos, sounds and tactile designs, but whichever you use, always keep in mind that your website should look professional, easy to navigate, consistent and coherent.

A great way to get more traffic to your site is to start a podcast and build a following that way. A great example of this is Capture The Magic Apparel, they started a podcast that has become one of the most popular Disney podcasts out there and they use it to promote their brand that sells t shirts, top rated bags for Disney and more.


Be Accessible

Once you’ve taken care of the aesthetics part of your website, you should make sure that your website is accessible or compatible to any device. You can do this by making your website responsive, meaning it automatically resizes in response to the change in dimension of the device used.


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