ECommerce Web Design Tactics That Work

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Are you thinking of selling products on the internet? When building a website on Shopify or other ECommerce websites, you may need to consider the overall design of your site. When designing an ECommerce website, the main goal of your design is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the buyer. All navigations should make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for, checkout, pay and wait for the product to be shipped to them. Now, we shall talk about several tactics that will help your site generate traffic as well as convert traffic into sales.


Web Design Tactic # 1

Filters- Make it easy for your customers to find the most relevant results for items they search for. For example, you can have filters like Price Range, Size, Dimensions, Most Popular, New Arrivals and Free Shipping.


Web Design Tactic # 2 Search Bar

This is often the first thing potential customers look for on a website. Make sure the search bar is easily accessible and visible.


Web Design Tactic # 3 Product Images

Upload multiple high-quality images on different angles and ensure a zooming in option is available. If you’re trying to for example sell basketball goals then you want to have great images that portray that they can find the best portable basketball goals for 2018 here or  2018’s best in ground basketball goals so you want to have images that portray the same thing.


Web Design Tactic # 4 Out of Stock Items

There should be a clear description if an item is running out of stock or awaiting more stocks to come in. Don’t remove the webpage from your site, instead just make the information clear that they can still buy but that you’re restocking at the moment.


Web Design Tactic # 5 Shopping Cart

Just like the Search Bar, make sure that the shopping cart is visible on every page. The shopping cart should also provide information on the cost, the number of items in the cart, and a proceed to checkout option.


Web Design Tactic # 6 Platform

Consult with an ECommerce website design agency about the proper platform for your products. There are plenty of ECommerce web development platforms today including Woocommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, and Magento, to name a few. Consider your business objectives and find the right platform scaled toward the items you sell.


Web Design Tactic # 7 Protection Against Identity Theft

Provide customers with secure and fully-verified online payment tools to give them peace of mind and put your business at an advantage.


Web Design Tactic # 8 Contact Info

Many online shoppers would choose to interact with sellers that place their address and contact number. If you add an email address, make sure that you check your inbox for inquiries.


Web Design Tactic # 9 SEO

It is wise to incorporate SEO into your web design. This ensures that you can reach out to potential leads and convert those leads into sales from people that are already searching for what you’re selling.


Web Design Tactic # 10 Social Media

Visitors should be able to share your web pages on social media. Even if the visitor is not your actual customer, sharing on social media can help customers find your business.


With helpful information and an easy navigation, your website can help your customers find what they’re looking for. Good web design will send a message to a target customer that they can whatever specific product they are looking to buy. Try out these tested and proven traffic-converting web design tactics for your ECommerce website and enjoy a boost in profitability. For other marketing and web design tips, visit


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