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Qube Konstrukt is a multi-disciplinary design practice, a studio in which inspiration, ideas and creativity are free to manifest themselves through different mediums.

We work with confidence and ability across a broad range of disciplines encompassing identity and brand development, campaign, print and publication design, illustration and environmental graphics, as well as online, interactive and broadcast design. The creative diversity of the studio, both of its individual members and as a whole, is one of the studio’s core strengths.

A collaborative working process and time allowed for experimentation and play are vital components of our studio methodology.
Happy accidents encountered and experience gained through exploration, all feed back into our work, ensuring our outcomes are distinctive and constantly exceed our clients’ expectations.

We build and maintain enduring relationships with our clients. We enable direct access between client and designer, while having significant expertise in management and production. We help our clients communicate their message clearly and intelligently; creating memorable work with strong ideas.

Our Studio views each project as a new challenge, and while we bring with us considerable past experience, we are always looking forward.